Meeting Room Application

This form requires an email address. If you prefer not to apply by email, please fill out the Application for the Use of the Meeting Room and submit it to your branch library. It is strongly recommended that you contact the branch before submitting an application to determine availability. Please note, the Jacinto City, Stratford, and West University branches do not have meeting rooms. For Katy, use the Katy Meeting Room Application

To give all organizations an opportunity to use the meeting rooms, groups may not reserve space on a regular basis formore than 90 days.

Time Requested
(Alcohol is prohibited)


It is expressly understood that the Library has adopted certain rules applicable to the use of the Library meeting rooms, a copy of such rules being attached hereto as Exhibit A, Meeting Room Policy. The undersigned has read and understands the terms of such Policy and agrees, individually and as a representative of the group as a whole requesting use of such facility, to comply with the terms therein and said individual and group as a whole shall be liable for any noncompliance thereof, to include, but not limited to, any and all damage that may occur or fees or costs that may be incurred as a result of the use of the Library facilities. Said Policy shall be binding upon such individuals and the group as a whole with the same force and effect as if written in and made a part of this Agreement. Further, the undersigned individual and the group as a whole requesting use of the Library facilities agree to indemnify and hold the county and colleges harmless from and against any and all losses, expenses, demands, and claims made against the County and colleges arising in any manner from such group's use of the Library facilities, whether such loss, expense, demand, or claim made against the County or colleges is caused by County's or college's negligence or not.

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