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Secret Societies

Secret SocietiesThere’s something magnetic about secret societies. The very fact that they’re cloaked in mystery makes a gripping novel that’s hard to put down. If you love stories about secret, late-night meetings, initiation rites and back-room politics that come with secret societies, these books are for you.






What We're Reading in August

What We're Reading

So many books, so little time. How can you possibly chose what to read next where there are so many great options? Check out what your Teen Librarians are reading to get some ideas! Leave a comment and share what you're reading, too!


Get in the Game! Teen Books for Sports Fans

Teen Books for Sports FansThe thrill of sports isn’t just for the game itself—you can get in the game with these great books for sports fans! Some of the books are even written by former athletes, like Tim Green, former linebacker and defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons. Many of these authors have written several sports books, so if you find one you like, make sure to check out everything else they’ve written!



Marvel Cinematic Universe Comics

Ant-Man by Nick SpencerAnt-Man is out in theaters this weekend, and with its release, Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline is complete. Captain America: Civil War will usher in Phase Three in 2016, which leaves us a few months to catch up on comic reading! If you don’t know where to start reading for Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, check out some of these books.




Here Be Dragons: YA Books for Dragon Fans

Here Be Dragons: YA Books about dragonsTales of dragons and epic adventures have been heralded in great halls and scribbled across pages for many millennia. There’s something about scales and wings, fire and sky, and the stories of great bravery that keep you reading into the wee small hours of the night.

You would think that the story of dragons and dragonslayers could only be told so many times before it gets repetitive, but these authors know how to keep a classic tale fresh. From live-tweeting dragon attacks to shape-shifting scholars shrouded in political intrigue, if you pine for YA books about dragons, this list is for you.



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