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Mental Health in Teen Lit

Mental Health in Teen LitHealth and wellness is more than keeping your body fit—it’s also about keeping your mind strong. The theme for Summer Reading this year is health and wellness, and these books are all about teens who struggle to keep their mental health. Don’t forget to create a Summer Reading account and log all of your books and activities!







Sports Fiction for Teens

Sports Fiction for TeensSchool’s out, and Summer Reading is finally here! Have you made your Summer Reading account yet? You can track the books you read along with the activities you do. You can also connect with friends and see what all they’re reading and doing this summer!

This year’s summer reading theme is sports and wellness. Check out these sports fiction novels to get a head start on your summer reading goal!




Mermaid Fiction & The Siren Read-a-Likes

Mermaid Fiction & The Siren Read-a-LikesWhether you're a huge fan of Kiera Cass's new book The Siren, or you're a long time fan of The Little Mermaid, checkout these mermaid stories, including classic retellings along with fresh takes on mermaid mythology.






While You're Waiting - New York Times Young Adult Bestsellers Read-A-Likes

While You're Waiting - New York Times Young Adult Bestsellers Read-a-likes

Can’t wait to get your hands on some of the biggest new releases like Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare or The Siren by Kiera Cass? Try a read-a-like for these New York Times Young Adult Bestsellers while you're waiting. Then you can be the first one to read the next big book everyone is talking about!



Happy Near Miss Day

Happy Near Miss Day - Apocalyptic Fiction for TeensOn this day in 1989, the Earth had a near miss with what would have been an apocalyptic asteroid named Asclepius. How close of a call was it? The asteroid passed through exactly where the Earth was just six hours before. The scariest part is that scientists didn’t even know about the asteroid until March 31, when it had already passed!

So in honor of the day that we unknowingly avoided the apocalypse, here are some riveting reads about asteroids pummeling earth, nuclear fallout, natural disasters, and all kinds of apocalyptic fictional fun. After all, what’s a better way to say, “Yay, we survived!” than with a good book?


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