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New York Times' Bestsellers in Graphic Novels

The bestsellers list of graphic novels comes from The New York Times. Listed below are highlights listed from the source and include new releases and older paperback editions.

Can You Conquer NaNoWriMo?

Calling all teen writers! Do you want to write a novel but can't get started? Need some motivation? Sign ups have begun for National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) which kicks off on November 1st. How does it work and how can the library help? Read on.

Bad Behavior at Boarding School

Bad Behavior at Boarding School

When Do Prep School Pranks Go Too Far?

When do Muffy and Biff’s* practical jokes go too far? Where’s the line between annoying but amusing and reprehensible anti-social, or illegal activities? What about driving off campus or war games with the nearby military school cadets? Here are the books that present the questionable behavior. They may invoke feelings of moral outrage, tears, or LOL, or possibly, all of the above.

Happy Birthday Frank Miller!

Today is author and illustrator Frank Miller's birthday! Many of you may recognize his stylized work in major motion films such as 300 or Sin City. He is most famous for his dark illustrations and his contributions to the Batman canon.

Here are a few facts by the multi-talented artist: 


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