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Three Damsels in Distress

Do they have the wits and willpower to survive? Will they be rescued or will they need to fight their way out by themselves?

Double Identity     Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Epic Fantasy Withdrawls?

Can't wait for the next instalment of your favorite epic fantasy?  Christophe Paolini taking too long with the last book in the Inheritance Cycle?  Check out these epics for a quick fantasy fix while waiting, and then send in a review to let us know what you think!






Volunteer @ Your Library

Emily Dousay, Atascocita VolunTeen, displays her Steampunk journal.

In April, President Obama signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act which, for the first time, officially recognizes today, September 11, as a National Day of Service and Remembrance. One of the best ways to honor this day is to volunteer at your local library. Want to know how?

Not another High School Musical

Two weeks ago I walked into the theater at Katy Mills expecting to see a fluffy, no brain needed, teen flick.  I walked out of the theater duly impressed by the depth of the plot, heading straight to the music store to pick up the fabulous soundtrack.  The movie I saw was Bandslam 

Astro Boy & the Godfather of Manga

Did you know that the 2009 animated film Astro Boy was originally a comic book series? The popular story about a young boy with atomic powers was first released in comic book form in 1952 as Tetsuwan Atomu, literally meaning "Atom with Iron Arms," in Japan. It was then created into a cartoon series (Japan's 1st animated TV series) and broadcast in 1963 in the United States as Astro Boy.


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